The Magpies sent packing in the 91st minute

Well it's been a while just over a month since I last seven a live game of football due to the lockdown and the game between Swindon Supermarine vs Dorchester town played each other in this thrilling FA Trophy cup. The last time these two clubs met was in the premier league in October and the marine side won comfortably 2-0 against the magpies. With Supermarine sitting in 6th place and the Dorchester side in a very low 19th position, with a new manager on board for the magpies Robbie Herrera to give the Dorchester side a boost.

There is a cool breeze in the air and a mild 4/5 degrees at the Webbswood stadium and as the Dorchester side kick off from the centre spot.

Photo Steven Brennan (Motionsportphotography)

A good start from both sides see a few shots fired at either end, marine takes a shot on goal but sees McDonagh effort goes wide of the box. A break sees the Marine side on the run again given to much space to allow a cross into the box only for the home side to be given a corner kick, and it wasn't long before Pierce connects and opens up the score with a head home past goal keeper Buse.

Pierce Mitchell heads home to beat Buse
Photo Steven Brennan (Motionsportphotography)

Pratt for Marine is given more space as he goes one on one with the keeper, but Buse takes him down in the box allowing for the ref to blow the whistle for a penalty. With Hopkins on the spot and fires one towards the goal hits the post and rebounds only for Hopkins to fire it home. As the ref blows the whistle only to not give the penalty because the rebound did not touch another player score remains Marine 1-0 as the first half whistle is blown.

Buse takes down Pratt Photo Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

As the second half gets under way another corner kick in to the box see Jamie Edge connect pushing the Magpies further away from a win.

The Dorchester side see Kosela on the ball and fires one at the home side only for Horsell to get his hands on its a great save and also a wake up call for Supermerine!

A change of subs from both sides as the game starts to fire up as see Tom Bath fire on target as it rebounds off of Horsell. A new demon has been a woken with the Magpies as they start to dominate the game and is given to many chances as Burns scores and takes the away side level.

Photo Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

With both sides level as we go into a few minutes of extra play, both managers ordering their side to take charge from the side line.

Lee Spalding Photo Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Both teams looking to go straight into penalties, but its one last burst for the marine side as McDonagh its on fire but is brought down in the box and a penalty is given! Hopkins slams it home! only to be stolen in the last minute.

Last minute penalty Photo Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Final score 3-2 Supermarine.