A return back to normality

Swindon Supermarine today hosts Chippenham Town Fc in the pre season friendly.

With a small attendance after the coronavirus lock down it was nice to see the weekend faces smile and to hear the crowd again a sense of normality returning to the very game we love.

Photograph by stevenbrennan (motionsportphotography)

A volley of chances sets the pace for the Chippenham Town side as they look to dominate the first half, with a few chances as early play sees Hopkins take his chances but see the ball wide.

Pierce Mitchell Photograph by Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Great defences by Marines Pierce see the game slow down, with a good even battle from both sides but it wasn't long before Alex Bray slips through marines defences to score a late half 44th goal.

Alex Bray scores for Chippenham Town Photograph by Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

A strong opportunity for the Chippenham trialists to show their strength in the second half as they push for a second goal but couldn't break down Marines defences.

A 84th minute goal see the Marine side equalise as Marshall brings in the even score,

Lee Marshall scores Photograph by Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

But before long it was Pratt that beat Horsell to the back of the box leaving the visitors take the lead.

Photograph by Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Final score Supermarine 1 Chippenham Town 2