Boys in the blue takes two Supermarine FC Hendon Fc 2-0

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Starting whistle at the webbswood stadium this afternoon with the marines hosts Hendon Fc on this wet Saturday afternoon pitch. With minor changes from the bench with Jamie Edge still on suspension the game kicks off. Stuart Fleetwood starts off with a kick to the side netting of Hendon Fc goal but is soon cleared by the London side. A quick run from Ryan Campbell down the line who brings new signing James Guthrie into play but fires wide of the box.

With efforts from the London side Lucien gives Horsell a run for his money with a low drive towards the back of the net but just clips the post.

A quick break from Ryan Campbell and a cross over to Harry Williams gives the marine side a shot on goal and Harry puts it past the keeper Dante Baptiste for 26 minute opener Supermarine 1 Hendon 0

As the game heats up another quick concession of runs down the line Ryan Campbell but soon gets put to a stop by the Hendon fc side. With a little build up of one twos by the marine side new signing Guthrie gives the marine side a decent set up for Harry Williams who again makes no mistake in driving it home into the back of the box Marine 2 Hendon 0 Half time result 2-0 to the boys in blue.

Second half underway and the game starts off with no real threat from either side, but the first of the subs comes on for Hendon as Mitchell replaces hope. A few battles midfield see James Guthrie down in later half as the ref produces the first yellow of the game for the London side Panter.

As Hendon start to produce some aggressive pressure towards the marine side the pace soon quickens and breaks down the Supermarine fc defences for a shot on goal only to go over the bar. A free kick given Hendon's Gailford takes it from the 40 yards but Horsell at his normal best saves quite comfortably.

A few subs from the benches calms the game a little, with only 4 minutes of extra time its to late for the Hendon side as the final whistle goes, Its Supermarine 2 Hendon 0. With Supermarine fc now fourth in the table they take on Cinderford at home for their next game.