Cirencester host Supermarine

Tonight Swindon Supermarine traveled away to take on Cirencester town Fc in their second friendly of the season. Previous game against Highworth town saw Zak Kotwica clinched a 87th minute goal behind closed doors.

As Supermarine strengthened their squad over the summer break bringing in new signings to help again push towards top flight of the new season due to start in September.

Cirencester town fc last season in great form and also a great contender for last seasons promotional push,

with Cirencester missing out on a few key signings for this season but other new hopefuls training in the background. The centurions will still relish the chance of a friendly to take on the marine side at home.

The game started strong tonight from both sides but it was a unfortunate back head by Anson who managed to get past his own keeper.

With some challenging play from both sides it was a hard midfield battle with long balls looking to break the play and it wasn’t long before Martin horsell saves a great ball in

A few much needed water breaks brings in strong words from the centurions manager, with many substations being made and fresh legs on the pitch.

As time continues into the late secound half it was just a matter of time for the pressure to build as the marine side starts slotting them home

Final score 1-6 to marine

“A great game from both sides, a good strong friendly game challenging times with new players a great chance to show their strength“

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