Kite surfing

Its been a while since i photographed sport like many with the coronavirus still in the mists and hanging about like a bad smell. i like many wanted that sense of freedom rather than being locked up not being able to travel far it was a day like many, a chance to get back some sort of normality. As i travel to the coast the motorways are busier than normal people getting back to their daily life i was after the smells of the fish and chips, people walking around with smiling faces that interaction with strangers even the odd nod or casual smile.

Weston Super-mare kite surfing

As i pull up the beach it looking good, its windy the tide is in for a change! the blue skies are shinning through and the Bristol kite surfers are hard at it, its a sense of normal a day to get out and enjoy that fresh air.

Kite surfing Weston Super-mare

I haven't used my camera for sport in a while since March when the coronavirus first came about, it was all new to me like i had to start again but with a little practice i had soon mastered quite well.

Some of the kite surfers had been at it most of the morning and they where soon getting close when they saw the camera looking like they wanted to be photographed.

Bristol kite surfer Weston Super-mare

It was great to feel a little bit of direction in life to forget about the long days of being stuck in the coronavirus rut. I see a sense of normality finally returning back to normal. But with the Autumn showers and the winter season not to far away will we return back to our caves of despair and be in lockdown once more.