Marine seal the deal in the 87th minute

Swindon supermarine hosts Dorchester town at the Webbswood stadium. It was early possession for marine as the game kicked off.

Conor McDonagh early possession By Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Dorchester town a great ball in from the 25 yard by Lowe rattles the cross bar in the 13th minute.

Photography by Steven Brennan ( )

A fair even first half sees both teams back in the changing room on the draw. As the second half starts it was a booking for Pratt and see marine a free kick into the box.

Pratt For marine see yellow card Photograph by Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

It was the 59th minute that broke the seal with a fee kick into the box by Hopkins only to see a own goal by the Dorchester side.

Photography By Steven Brennan ( )

A few subs from either side sees some fresh legs on the pitch. As pressure mounts on the Dorchester side it was only a matter of time to see captain Liddiard to head it home and seal the game.

Matt Liddiard celebrations Photo By Steven Brennan (motionsportphotography)

Final score Swindon Supermarine 2 Dorchester 0