Supermarine Fc Vs Chesham United FC

Looking at previous wins with Chesham United Fc top of the table with marine further down the table, I actually thought this would be a tough game for marine and oh boy how wrong was I.

With a early penalty from the onset given for a handball Brad Hooper drives this home given marine the early lead within the first five minutes. With concessive runs by Conor Mcdonangh this nearly causes more upset towards the Chesham united goal line.

As Both sides resettle there paces the half time score reaches 1-0 to marine.

The Second half starts with a heated battle in the second half with both sides piling on the pressure towards each others end, this is a battle that wasn't going to go down too easy as tempers start to heat up.

With more pressure on the goal keeper with some absolute greats saves from Martin Horsell this for me is the man of the match.

Towards the later of the second half Stuart Fleetwood comes on from the bench and drives past the defences of the Chesham united half bring the Chesham side crashing down to 2-0. As Chesham united pressed on they finally get a leg on the score sheet by Oliyide but it was far to late for the Chesham side. As they rush to get the ball back to the centre spot the final whistle blow leaving a victory for marine side final score 2-1