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Supermarine strong performance ready for the new league!

12/09/2020 Bath City Fc travel away to host Swindon Supermarine Fc at the Webbswood stadium. With recent manager Jerry Gill recently signing a new deal taking his role until 2022.

Jerry Gill talking tactics Photograph by Steven Brennan (www.motionsportphotography.co.uk)

Another signing for the romans is ex Swindon Town Will Henry. As Swindon Supermarine are now coming to the end of their pre season friendlies in preparation of the start of the league next week. Lee Marshall signing a second stint at the club for the new season and should be a good challenge playing against his old club Bath City.

News signing Lee Marshall Photography by Steven Brennan (www.motionsportphotography.co.uk)

A tough game for marine but kept their form well against a higher league team pushing for promotion. A high paced game from the off with both sides causing problems with each other. Some great runs from the marine side catching the romans off guard as fast paced Ryan Campbell belts down the wing.

Ryan Campbell on the attack Photograph by Steven Brennan

A great first half battle with toe to toe seat bending football as the first half whistle is blown.

As the second half of the games starts a few sub changes by the Bath side but Martin Horsell under pressure by Frankie Artis.

Frankie Artis causing problems for Marine Martin Horsell Photograph by Steven Brennan

But it wasn't long before the kettle boiled over and as duo Frankie Artis and Tom Smith causing many issues for marine and finally paid off as Tom Smith finally breaks the draw in the 60th minute.

More fast paced action as again causing problems for marine as Joe Sheppard scores a home goal.

Joe Sheppard scores a home goal Photograph Steven Brennan

Some great football on the field as the clock starts ticking closer with a few more substations in place for both Marine and Bath city as new trialist Lance Wilkinson also comes on.

With a few minute left on the clock it was a free kick for marine to go and skipper Matt Liddiard hits it home.

Matt Liddiard scores 89th minute Photograph by Steven Brennan

Final score 2-1 to bath City

" A great test of strength for Swindon Supermarine and a great well played challenge a great battle for both sides and Marine kept their cool against a higher national league team.

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