Treble triumph for marine

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

With 3 wins now for marine under there belt as they took on bottom side Hampshire Farnborough Fc leaving them dancing in the rain on a wet and windy Saturday non league football game.

An early start for Farnborough Fc as Andrew Sealy-Harris hits the back of the net for the Hampshire side given Farnborough a great start to the game.

As marine try to catch Farnborough on the break goalkeeper Liam Beach is on the ball and looking very confident in this early half of the game as he knocks it over the back of the net. The game hots up as Conor Mcdonagh produces some outstanding football and places marine back in the game with a great ball, curled round into the back of the net.

As Reggie Young manages to go down in the box leaving the marine side shaking their heads allowing Farnborough to take advantage with a penalty. With some great shots on target by Brad Hopper and Conor Mcdonagh but couldn't break down Farnborough.

As the game gets underway in the second half Jamie Edge is denied a shot on goal and well blocked by the defending side. But marine finally get there well deserved goal as a corner kick deflects off of Ryan Cameron in the back of the net.

As the Farnborough builds up the pressure to try and end the game with a draw putting Martin Horsell under more strain, but as time moves on towards the final whistle pressure mounts and the ref starts to produce a few yellow cards to try and calm the game. But as the final whistle blows its game over with the final score 3-2 to marine

With a unchanged side from manager Spalding 3 home game wins taking the Swindon side climbing further up the table to play Met poilce away.