Two wins on the bounce for supermarine

Swindon Supermarine fc took on the newly promoted Blackfield and Langley Fc to keep the Hampshire side with now 4 wins and 5 loses keeping them 13th in the Southern league table. A no change side from Spalding see marine with a 27th minute goal from Ryan Cameron see the marine boys off to a reasonable early start.

A few great saves from the goal keepers Langley side Noice, but couldn't shake down Connor Mcdonagh who done a classic nutmeg around the keeper to see the ball home.

A 40 minute booking shows Gunson the yellow card for a late foul leaves the marine boys up 2-0 at half time.

As we come into the second half Blackfield Hampshire's side start to put on some pressure as two consecutive corners are given, but couldn't shake down the marine side as Martin Horsell looking very comfortable in the knocking the ball clear. As the game hots up Harry Williams heads one home in the back of the net leaving the Hampshire side packing with a 3-0 defeat at full time. With Supermarine two wins on the bounce now 7th in the table now looking to take on 18th place Farnborough.