Weston-Supermare gets stuck in the mud at Supermarine Fc

Saturday afternoon football see the Supermarine fc side take on the Weston Fc seagulls today at the Marine side with new signing Alex Henshall making it in the first team for todays match on the Marine side.

With the game underway its early possession for the Weston side as they move further up the field with a free kick given by ref and Brandon Barnes just hits the side netting for the seagulls side.

As the game settles with what seam to be a few teething problems early on the its the marine side with new signing Alex Henshall taking the ball down the wing but is soon put to a stop by the Weston side.

The ball is soon given away easily to Supermarine and makes head way for Conor Mcdonagh who has possession onto Williams who drives it home for the marine side. Its Supermarine 1 Weston 0

From the centre spot its out to Jacob cane, on the run, shot on goal cleared well by spalding, its a corner for Weston but Martin Horsell is commanding his area well.

The ball is back out into play with Weston on the attack again, ball goes long deflected by the marine side. Counter attack for Henshall over to Jamie edge who gives away a free kick for the seagulls,

Corner kick for marine and is swung in by Henry spalding who connects with Liddiard and drives it home with the head in the back of the net its Marine 2 Weston 0

Back in play for the Weston side, but again its marine on the ball great chance for Mcdonagh straight into the hands of Purnell. Goal kick for Weston but again in the danger of the marine side again Spalding on the ball who drives it home again for Marine!

As the second half gets underway some corresponding moments must of been exchanged in the dressing room for the Weston side as the Weston side up there pace. Laird goes down in the box but the marine side are not having any of it!

But its penalty given for the Weston side

A great effort by Horsell but its past the line 3-1 to marine

A few exchange of players to keep the momentum high its Alex Henshall for Fleetwood and Spalding for Dinsley

A little action in the midfield sees both sides take stock the ball is played onto Conor from Edge who shoots it over the net. Into to late time now sees another soft touch from the marine defence who sees Jones goes down in the box and another penalty given by the ref, Laird who again drives it home its Marine 3 Weston 2 But its too late for the Weston side as the ref blows for full time result.

With Marine now fourth place chasing top of the table Truro with only four points difference its a close encounter between the top 5 of the table. Leaving Weston-supermare mid table in the Southern Premier League.